About Us

We help companies navigate challenges using behaviour change expertise.

People don’t behave rationally and make most of their daily choices without conscious thought. Despite this simple truth, most organisations continue to build business and marketing plans using rational economic assumptions, ignoring how people really behave.

Our years spent tackling complex behaviour change for the government has given us privileged insight – and helped us build proprietary techniques for understanding and effectively influencing people’s real world behaviour.

At Chartroom we now apply this expertise, guiding public sector and commercial organisations through tough challenges to reach their goals faster. The payback can be dramatic and immediate. Wherever you are on your journey, our techniques bring insight and data together to help you anticipate and effect crucial change, saving your business money by navigating a clear course to improved results.

Chartroom’s wider network of specialist resource includes behavioural and change strategists, communication, brand and engagement experts.


Mark Cross


A leading practitioner of behaviour change, evaluation and change management for business and marketing challenges in many top advertising
and media companies – prior to consultancy and client roles – Mark has consistently delivered innovation and transformational change.

 He has worked in government as the COI’s Communications Planning Director  – where he led and developed government’s strategic planning,
evaluation and media capability – and has an impressive track record in successfully plotting strategic direction for high profile challenges in both
the public and private sectors.