Behaviour Change Strategy

Pragmatic stage by stage change planning

It may surprise you to learn that most of your daily decisions and choices are made without conscious thought. In a world of bewildering choice everyone takes shortcuts to decisions, influenced by our situation and the surrounding context.

This is widely known as Systems 1 thinking, where up to 95% of brain processing activity occurs below the level of conscious awareness. Despite this, most business plans are routinely built assuming a more rational economics model and remain unaligned to the realities of how people really behave.

This disconnect – between business expectations and the way people actually operate – often results in unrealistic objectives, misplaced investment and outcomes that fall short.We have worked with many complex challenges requiring a genuine change in behaviour to deliver better outcomes for both business and for wider society. So we have a proven approach for developing solutions which bring outcomes into line with human behaviour.

Our systematic methodology informs a comprehensive understanding of current behaviours and the key factors in delivering change across all audiences. We’ll define the most efficient mix of interventions to achieve the result, captured in a change plan that provides a unique bridge across strategy and delivery.

We developed our approach as best practice within government – and we have been deploying it across public and private sectors ever since.