Change Management

Blueprints for transformation and embedding change

Nowhere is the challenge of change more critical than for organisations. Legacy cultures, business practices and peoples’ behaviours too often respond habitually, tending to inertia when challenged to change.

However, to meet the dynamic, fluid and inter-connected operating environments of the networked age – structures; resources; capabilities and roles must fundamentally realign and re-connect.The key to unlocking transformation is to recognise all the participants as subject to the same rules and influences of human behaviour as any other audience and we’ve applied our guiding method to change programmes across different organisations, building the practice in government and beyond.Chartroom embraces the merits of classic approaches to managing change, adding a unique behavioural perspective and offering a trusted and specialist capability in support of the company’s leadership. We’ll help you engage and move your organisation and its people, (whether as employees, managers, leaders or stakeholders) through a process of organic change.

We will also develop a new behaviour and change plan to provide you with fresh guiding navigation on how to embed new behaviours within an organisational system. This results in new ways of working, the liberation of talent, a new blend of skills and capability and a culture where innovation is a habit.

Evaluation is central to the way the Chartroom operates – and remains an essential component to guide progress across the stages of change and transformation.