Comprehensive planning, measurement and reporting of outcome delivery

We are in an era of transformational change brought about by the empowered consumer and the confluence of technology, and wider societal shifts in the network age.

This presents new challenges and complexity which holds great opportunity. But if those opportunities are to be realised and money well spent, it is imperative to understand how programmes and campaigns are expected to work.The course to success needs to be mapped out before money is committed.Equally important in turbulent times are the systems and mechanisms to stay on course throughout delivery, and to adjust and course correct as the changing context unfolds. We put evaluation and accountability at the heart of everything we do, using best practice evaluation techniques and methodology which has a proven track record to deliver results when facing tough challenges.

We will help you reach your destination by mapping out your objectives across the steps from your activity to your desired outcomes.We’ll use our metric matrix approach to create a line of sight from your programme elements to audience outtakes; intermediate and end outcomes.By plotting this course through our evaluation plans, along with a programme of testing and a defined system of dynamic measurement, data analysis and reporting systems, we will ensure that you continuously stay on course to reach better outcomes, faster.