Guiding Method

A proven approach and a fresh perspective on how to deliver the change you need.

Deeper understanding from the social sciences around how people make choices and form habits shows how most business plans ignore the realities of human behaviour. We have developed a guiding method which resolves this challenge, working collaboratively with you and your team to define a faster course to your outcomes. We will answer some simple but fundamental questions, each rooted in the core issues behind the challenge and centred around people and real world behaviours.

Fix 1. Taking bearings

Here we take a fresh perspective, re-framing the challenge by identifying and mapping key behaviours around the challenge by audience, identifying the barriers to change for the priority behaviours identified.

Fix 2. Plotting course

We then develop a change journey.By understanding the key influences on the desired behaviours, we’ll specify a new course to your ultimate outcome across the stages of change for the key behaviours and audiences.

Fix 3. Providing new navigation

We help you define the coherent mix of influences at each stage for customers, citizens, employees, partners, and stakeholders, we help you navigate the right mix of influences at each stage. We create a bespoke change plan, ensuring we bring the most effective influence to bear at the right time, step by step – and offering you a refreshed customer journey that goes with the grain of human behaviour.

Fix 4. Reaching your destination

Having a continuous fix on your location throughout your journey is essential and our expertise will help you develop the necessary plans; measurement and reporting tools. The availability of real time digital data also provides new lower cost capability and opportunities for low risk trials. We offer continuous testing so you can be certain of taking the right route to successful and sustainable outcomes.

At any stage of your journey, Chartroom’s navigation can help you reach better outcomes faster.